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Phil Woods & The Los Angeles Jazz Orchestra

Recorded Live at LAX Four Points Sheraton Hotel, Los Angeles, CA - May 29, 2004

Phil Woods, alto saxophone - featured soloist

Carl Saunders, Mike McGuffey, Frank Szabo, Bob Summers, Ron Stout - trumpets

Andy Martin, Scott Whitfield, Bryant Byers - trombones

Kim Richmond, Bill Trujillo, Keith Bishop, Jerry Pinter, Bob Carr - reeds

Ross Tompkins, piano

Joel Hamilton, bass

Dave Tull, drums

1. Keen And Peachy

2. The Great Lie

3. Man, Don't Be Ridiculous

4. Yardbird Suite

5. My Old Flame

6. We The People Bop

7. Comments by Phil Woods - Humor In Jazz

8. More Moon

9. Comments by Ron Stout - Playing the Blues...Fast!

10. Boomsie


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